Frequently Asked Questions

When do you accept sponsorships? 

We gratefully accept sponsorships all year-long. However, we are better able to plan and budget for our conference, and can promise acknowledgement in our conference program if sponsorships are received by February 15, 2021. 

How can I ensure my name/logo will appear on conference materials? 

Sponsorships received by February 15, 2021 will be acknowledged on our conference program. Sponsorships received after this date will be acknowledged on our website and social media, but may not make it into the finalized conference program.

Can I sponsor a particular aspect of your organization or conference? 

Yes! You may indicate where you would like your sponsorship or donation to go towards by e-mailing us at or filling out the Google form above. Different options can be found under Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits. 

How can I ensure my sponsorship will go to the aspect of your conference I specified? 

We share the previous year’s budget and expenses each year at our AGM at our conference at Congress. 

Are all donations used for conference-related costs? 

Yes – with the possible exception of our Student Paper Competition, which gives a small monetary award to its first place winner. Otherwise our organization’s expenses are all conference-related. As of 2019, the average cost of running our conference is $20,000.

Can sponsors provide physical promotional materials to be shared at the conference? 

Yes. Gold-level sponsors may contact us to coordinate the delivery/receipt of materials.

My organization would like to support CDSA-ACÉH but is unable to provide a sponsorship at this time. What else can we do to help out? 

 You can provide a small donation through Paypal. You can also share information about our conference and/or Call for Papers via e-mail or social media, and with your students or colleagues. We are a small organization and are always looking to expand our reach. 

I think a friend/colleague/business/organization/academic department might be willing to sponsor you but don’t know about your organization. What should I do next? 

Please feel free to tell them more about us and send them our Sponsorship Letter. If they wish to find out more about the association, or would like to be put in touch with a Board member, please encourage them to reach out to