2015 Recipient

Name: Kim Collins

Institution: Ryerson University

Email: kimberlee.collins@ryerson.ca

Paper title

How do we tell our children?: Keeping the history of Huronia Regional Centre through radical children’s literature


Stories are powerful. They have ability to transport us through time, to change minds, to keep history alive. Radical children’s literature uses this power to challenge the status quo. This paper follows the process of collaboratively writing a piece of children’s literature while considering the question of how to tell children about historically traumatic events in disability history. The history of the incarceration and institutionalization of people labelled with intellectual impairments at Huronia Regional Centre is in danger of being sanitized by the government of Ontario. It is vital that survivors tell their stories and future generations to read them.


Huronia Regional Centre, children’s literature, historical trauma, storytelling as activism, institutionalization