Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for Congress

How do I register to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference?

Registration consists of paying CDSA-ACÉH membership and Congress fees for a given year. When registering for Congress online, you will be automatically prompted to pay your association membership fees. Membership fees are received by CDSA-ACÉH. 

Can I register to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference without registering for Congress?

No. Because CDSA-ACÉH is a member association of the Federation and our annual conference is held at Congress, attendees must pay both our association’s as well as Congress’ registration fees. 

How do I register to attend Congress? 

You may register online before Congress or in-person at Congress. Online registration is done through the Congress registration portal, available on the Congress website each year under the heading “Register.” 

Do I have to register to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference if I am a presenter or moderator?


Do I have to register to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference if I am an attendee’s support person?


Congress Fees

Are there special Congress rates for different groups? 

Yes. Students, retired, and unwaged workers have the option of paying a lower Congress registration fee. Please note these categories are pre-determined by the Federation.

What if I cannot afford CDSA-ACÉH membership and/or Congress registration fees?

We have a $20 “Pay What You Can” option for membership fees which we accept by cheque (see Membership). However this covers only membership fees but not Congress registration fees, and the Congress portal registration requires that you pay both simultaneously. Please contact the association’s President and/or Treasurer at to discuss alternative options. 

Is there an early Congress registration fee subsidy?

Yes. The Congress “early bird registration deadline” typically falls on March 31st of a given year. All Congress registration fees increase after this date, though association membership fees remain the same. 

Is there a late Congress registration fee?

No. You may register for Congress anytime between January 1st and on site on the last day of Congress in a given year. 

Conference Attendance

Do I have to attend the whole CDSA-ACÉH conference if I’m registered for it?

No! Please be mindful of your needs and boundaries. However we welcome you to attend as much of the conference as you desire – and are able to attend – and also encourage mentorship between more established attendees and students/ junior scholars. 

Do I have to remain at Congress all week-long if I am registered for the CDSA-ACÉH conference? 

No. Many CDSA-ACÉH conference attendees only remain at Congress over the duration of our conference. Others stay longer to attend other associations’ conferences or Congress programming, or for personal reasons like travel. 

Do I have access to Congress activities and programming if I am registered to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference?

Yes. As a registered Congress attendee, you’ll have access to all Congress programming, but not to others associations’ conferences (unless other associations have open keynote speaker presentations). 

Do I have to attend Congress activities and programming if I am registered to attend the CDSA-ACÉH annual conference?

No. How you spend your time at Congress is entirely up to you! 

Where will Congress be held next year?

Follow this year’s Congress website/social media and/or the general Federation website to stay up to date on information about future Congresses. 


I have a specific access need. How can I ensure it is met to the best of your organization’s ability? 

Please indicate your access need on the online Congress registration form to ensure the Federation is aware of it. You may also contact us at to alert us and discuss options.

For more FAQ, please see the Introductory Guide to Congress and/or this year’s Congress website.