Conference Bursary

Standard Conference Bursary

CDSA-ACÉH conference bursaries ($200.00 each) are dedicated to helping those in need of financial assistance to attend our annual conference by offsetting some related expenses.


  • This bursary is open to those who identify as being in need of financial assistance, including students, community members, and others who are un/under-employed. 
  • Students may be enrolled in programs at any Canadian college or university (at either the undergraduate or graduate level).
  • Bursary recipients must attend the CDSA-ACÉH conference in order to receive this money. Recipients who do not attend the conference will not receive the bursary. 
  • Applicants do not need to be accepted presenters at the CDSA-ACÉH conference in order to apply for and/or receive the bursary.

Bursary distribution

Depending on the year’s budget, approximately four conference bursaries will be assigned through a randomized lottery. Chosen recipients will be notified before the Congress “early-bird” deadline for registration, which is typically in March. 

Bursaries will be distributed via e-transfer. Receipts or proof of expenses are not required. We ask that those selected for bursaries who no longer plan on attending Congress kindly let us know as soon as possible so that we can pass your bursary on to a different applicant who is attending Congress.

BIPOC Bursary Program

Starting in 2020, CDSA-ACÉH BIPOC bursaries are committed to dedicating and providing financial assistance to BIPOC scholar(s).* Specified herein are qualifying factors for identifying potential individual(s), who may be accepted to present at the annual Congress conference with CDSA-ACÉH support of BIPOC scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria

This bursary is open to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Colour)* candidates in the field of Disability Studies, including students, community members, and scholars who are under-/unemployed. This bursary emerges from a recognition of systemic injustices and the need to address implicit / racial biases, which historically precluded BIPOC scholarship.

Bursary recipients must be accepted presenters at the CDSA-ACÉH conference in order to apply and/or receive the bursary. Recipients who do not present at the conference should not become a beneficiary or recipient of the BIPOC bursary.

As the purpose of the award is to acknowledge, include, and value the work and perspectives of BIPOC scholars, in denunciation of systemic racism, CDSA-ACÉH invites applicants to include a statement that freely locates and positions themselves in terms of being Black, Indigenous, and/or a Person of Colour.

Bursary distribution

On the basis of the CDSA budget, BIPOC bursaries will be distributed through a randomized lottery process. Chosen applicants will be notified by e-mail of their selection within a reasonably short time-period after the bursary deadline.

The intention of the BIPOC bursary is to offset the costs of scholars attending the CDSA-ACÉH conference. BIPOC bursary amounts will be awarded as follows:

  • Chosen applicants presenting in-person may each receive $500.00.
  • Chosen applicants presenting virtually may each receive $200.00.

*Note: As Congress will be held virtually in 2021, chosen applicants for the upcoming conference may each receive $200.00.

Bursaries will be distributed via e-transfer after the CDSA-ACÉH conference, dependent upon scholarly participation with presentation. Receipts or proof of expenses would not be required, but a written acknowledgement would be made public in naming recipients. CDSA requests that individuals selected to receive a bursary who change Congress presentation plans should promptly inform CDSA officer(s), so that BIPOC bursaries may appropriately be issued to presenting applicant(s).